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Information Update:


Electrical Surge and Lightning are a major cause of catistrophic failures

Major and minor surges will cause extensive damage. The total damage may show after the initial survey and ensuing repair or replacement.

One of the main issues, especially with today's technology is weakening the internal components that do not indicate a current failure but fail over a period of time.

This poses (2) major problems for hi-technology, emergency operating facilities.

1. The failure may occur at anytime

2. Causes critical downtime that is unknown in nature


MSC will design and assist in the implementation of critical suppression to stop the "terror" of lightning

Municipal Services Consulting

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List of Consulting and Implementation Services:

    Local Government - Shared Services

    PSAP "Consolidaiton" and "Virtual Consolidation"

    Communications Systems Analysis and Recommendation

    Public Safety - Public Service "Specialized" Facility Design and "Hardening"

        911 PSAP




      Backup Facilities

        IT and Data Facilities

    Infrastructure Analysis and Cost Reduction Recommendations


Before - Old technology in place for 20 years - added on without removing old or abandonded technology



After - New technology deployed and installed to industry standard compliance - with proper grounding and surge suppression