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MSC - Technology Implementation for Public Safety and Local Government 


Professional Services


    Consulting for Technology

    Consulting for Facilities 

   RFP Generation

    RFP Analysis

    Scope of Work Generation

    Contract Preperation Assistance

    ATP (Acceptance Test Plan)

    Project and Program Management



Technology Services



   Communications Systems Design

        Public Safety - Commercial

        Digital - Analog - P25 - LTE


   Microwave Systems Design

        Point to Point

        Point to Multipoint


    PSAP Technology Design




            Data Portals

            Network Integration


            Virtual Consolidation


    ES Network Design

            Primary Network Configuration

            Backup Network Integration

            Multi-path Integration

            99.999% Reliability Design


    Interoperable Communications Design



            Multijurisdictional - Wide-Area

            Disparate Communications Systems


    Communications Systems Analysis


            Intermittent Operation




                    Adjacent Channel


    Project Management

            Project Schedule Compliance

            Scope of Work Preparation

            Project Tracking

            Industry Standard Complinace Audits

            ATP (acceptance test plans)

    Technology Cost Analysis

            (Reducing Cost for Government)

            Review of Maintenance Rates

            Annual Service Charges

            Utility Services Audit


                    Telephone Line Charges


                    3rd Party Service Providers


    Technology Integration Systems Design

            Logging Recorders

            Data Storage

            Video - Still or Streaming

            Voice to VoIP


            Network Configuration

                Layer 3



    Facility Design and Implementation

            Public Safety






            Backup Facilities


    Tower and Structural Design

            Communications Towers

            Collocation Design

            Recurring Income to Government


    Tower Management Services

            Collocation Site Analyst

            Structural Compliance

            Lease - Rate Analysis

            Safety Compliance Plans


    Agency Shared Services

           (Reducing Cost for Government) 


            Physical Services

            Data Services

            Utiliy Services


    New Technology Research - Continuous




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Success Case:


Technology Analysis for a Public Safety - Public Service Facility


Phase I Analysis determined that the Agency was spending $236,000 annually for telephone circuits.


Our analysis and further design & implementation through RFP and bidding practices reduced the intial cost to $121,500 annually.


The implementation of proven and reliable technology at a cost of $208,000 netted the Agency an annual cost saving of $114,500 in recurring expense


The Agency paid for the cost of technology within (2) years and over a (10) year period will realize a net savings of $1.4 million plus.


MSC is in the process of analyzing Phase II, The Phase II analysis is expected to net another $47,000 plus per year in annual recurring cost.


The technology expenditure to increase reliability and decrease annual recurring costs are estimated at $154,000. 


The Agency's equal and offsetting cost will be recouped in less than (4) years saving the Agency another $282,000 over (10) years.  



This is one example of how MSC works with Government to increase reliability and reduce costs. Our process is through and extensive, we define current technology shortfalls and design systems with off the shelf technology, (proven and reliable) to ensure years of functional operation.





Our GOAL is to assist Federal, State and Local Government Agencies:

      Latest Proven Technology

        Reliability to 99.999% or above

        Cost savings in:

            Technology deployment

            Support services

            Annual recurring services